Nominal rated Filter Bags


Chandler Bio stocks many popular sizes of filter bags in polyester felt, polyester
mesh and nylon monofilament material. These sturdy, high quality sock filters are sewn here in the US by dedicated and highly experienced manufacturers.
Standard sizes are shown below and we also can have a special size bag sewn to satisfy many additional uses.
These socks have a ring (Stainless steel available as special order to comply with FDA requirements) sewn in the top opening to keep the bag open, anchor it in a canister or provide a means of suspending it over a collection vessel. They are also available with a drawstring top or SureSeal top as special order.
Please click on the bag that you desire to be taken to that page for pricing and
micron size available. If your micron rating is not shown it may be available as a
special order with a short lead time. If you purchased a bag previously through
Utah Bio, it came from Chandler Bio and we can quite likely duplicate it with our
new suppliers.
Poly Felt -- size is in inches, diameter then length
Size 1 (7 x 16)
Size 2 (7 x 32)
Size 3 (4 x 8)
Size 4 (4 x 14)
Poly Mesh -- size is in inches, diameter then length.
Size 1 (7 x 16)
Size 2 (7 x 32)
Size 3 (4 x 8) Mesh available as special order
Size 4 (4 x 14 Mesh available as special order
Absolute Rated Filter bags
We offer absolute filter socks to accomplish exact filtering in one pass. These
bags are built in layers to remove all contaminants above a certain size in a single pass. Nominal bags require more than one pass as they filter better as they collect debris.
We only stock absolute socks in size 1. Size 2 available as special order.
Size 1 (7 x 16) -- size is in inches, diameter then length.
55 Gallon Open Top Drum filters
These drawstring filters drop into an open top drum and filter liquid as it is
poured through. Originated by Graydon (Utah Bio) and myself as an alternative to the rigid mesh CDF strainers after UPS and Fed Ex raised their prices on larger sized shipping boxes. Mostly used by Biodiesel makers as a way to remove contaminants from waste vegetable oil.
Specialty filters
5 x 36 NMO 100 micron sock with drawstring closure
3.5 x 8 with drawstring closure various micron sizes.
Size 4 (4 x 14)

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